Sometimes the size listed on vintage garments is not true to our current sizing. We use our best judgement to determine an accurate US size. If there is a range of sizes listed then any of those within the range could fit into the garment without drastically changing the appearance. 



BUST / CHEST-   garment laid flat and measured from armpit to armpit, then doubled 
WAIST-   garment laid flat and measured from waistline (smallest point), then doubled
HIP-   from 7" below the waistline, then doubled
RISE-   length from the waistline of pants to the crotch seam
LENGTH-   from the top of the garment, at the middle of the shoulder, to the hem
TORSO LENGTH-   from the top of garment, at middle of the shoulder, to the waistline
SKIRT LENGTH-   length from the waistline to hem
SLEEVE-   length of the center of the neck to the end of sleeve
SHOULDER-   length across shoulders in the front, from sleeve seam to sleeve seam
HEM-   measurement of the bottom of the garment laying flat, then doubled
INSEAM-   length of the pant leg from the crotch to the hem
THIGH-   circumference of the leg at crotch

 Vaux Vintage Women's Clothing Size Chart


WIDTH AT BALL-   from the widest part of the ball of the shoe
INSOLE LENGTH-   inside length of the shoe
SOLE HEIGHT-   height of the sole, not the heel
HEEL HEIGHT-   height of the heel
BOOT HEIGHT -   total height of the boot, at tallest height, including heel


Vaux Vintage Shoe Size Chart