VAUX is owned by Aly Barohn. Through a previous career in the costume and film industry Barohn discovered a severe attachment to vintage and a hoarding issue ensued. She digitally opened Vaux Vintage in 2009, and left her design career in 2012 to make the shop a full-time pursuit. VAUX has lived in many American towns including; Chicago, Brooklyn, Garfield (Arkansas), Denver, and now Red Hook (New York). Barohn continues work as a freelance stylist and photographer in the Hudson River Valley and strives to provide a fresh take on what vintage can be. 
AESTHETICS & WEARABILITY /  The aesthetics of VAUX are clean, minimal, and practical, creating an atmosphere that incorporates old and new in a very livable way. We carefully select pieces that are sensible and accessible so they can be incorporated into our customer’s every-day lives. 
SUSTAINABILITY / We believe buying vintage is the most sustainable way of shopping in a society that encourages materialism and unmindfulness when making fast-fashion purchases. By providing vintage pieces that already exist in abundance in the world, we are in a way saying no to unfair production practices that involve cheap labor and cheap materials. It’s our way of promoting reuse and recycling in the fashion community.